Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Well, what can I say? I'm here! I arrived in Korea on February 17th and it is now June - wow. Time has flown by and to be honest it's almost scary how quickly the months are passing by. But the important thing is - I'm really here! And still pinching myself haha...especially during the first month everything just felt like a dream and I couldn't believe I was really living here.

So far, my experiences have been super positive, fun, warm, and occasionally breathtaking. Some things, like the garbage system and my sometimes noisy neighbour, can be frustrating, but overall I feel incredibly lucky, thankful, and happy :-)

I live in a lively area right by a university, so there are lots of cute restaurants, coffee shops, and entertainment places just a few steps outside the door. I love going to 노래방 - a singing (karaoke) room, the arcade, eating ice cream (Baskin Robbins is very popular and common here), chatting in coffee shops, and eating delicious food in my neighbourhood.

I don't even know where to start since I've been absent from my poor dusty blog for such a long time - my elementary school...adventures in the mountains...everyday life in Korea...festivals....there's too much, agh! So I guess I'll just start at the point where I am now.

Ah, but now it's time for some precious sleep :-) Actually, I have a cold now and I lost my voice after teaching all day while fighting previously mentioned cold...I'm hoping a good eight hours of wonderful rest will help to transform my croaking into something resembling the English language.

Starting with the next post, I will actually try to express something about life in Korea :-) Yay!

Cheerio with a cherry on top! :-)

PS. The photo is from a flower festival I went to a few weeks ago. I never saw so many lovely little flowers in one place before :-)