Sunday, July 12, 2009

Peaks of Summer Fun!

Here we are, blessed with another gorgeous weekend of birdsong and sunshine! Yesterday when I went raspberry picking I saw (and ate) the biggest, reddest, juiciest raspberries of all time. Three days of rain followed by sun made for the most wonderful, healthy berries! Needless to say, they're going fast in my house and I keep having to remind myself to savour every bite rather than stuff myself like the berry addict that I am. 

This picture is from the lavender festival I went to last weekend. Yesterday I went to a U-Pick flower spot for the first time ever and picked seven lilies, some pink, some white. It was such a neat experience to pick the flowers myself from a small garden rather than buy them from a store, not knowing their origin or what kind of chemicals they had been subjected to. On the way home, I felt a little sad that I had cut the flowers rather than letting them grow and flourish. I suppose the important thing is to just take a little bit and enjoy it completely, knowing that the flowers will keep growing, as long as we don't take too much (as with every resource). 

One of my tomato plants now has little green tomatoes which I hope will ripen nicely. Having never tried growing any vegetable before I have no clue what's happening but I'm trying to be observant and diligent with the watering. 

Next weekend the BC Renaissance Fair is on and I will be there in all my Renaissance and theatre loving excitement!! I highly recommend attending this fun event :)

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Catching Up

Here I am! With a summery update at last :) It's funny how the hotter and sunnier it gets outside, the less I find myself in front of the computer (which doesn't bode well for my stack of schoolwork!). It the last week, some of the things I've been doing are...

- delectable raspberry picking! it was especially fun on Canada Day, when there was also a pancake breakfast at Krause Farm and so many people turned up to celebrate and feast on these delicioius little berries. I ended up eating so many through the week I got a stomachache, agh! Irresistible I say, they're just sooo good!

- reading on the deck. Summertime is my favorite for lounging in the sun, surrounded by bright flowers, and reading a good book. My reading material tends to be a bit lighter and funnier at this time of the year, and often includes a lot of historical fiction. I'm not a big fan of stories set in contemporary times, but I love the past.

- visiting the Lavender Festival at Full Bloom Farm. The aroma of lavender is extraordinary and never ceases to delight me. The flowers themselves are gorgeous, vivid, and glowing with life. There were so many bees frolicking in all that lavender, including lovely bumblebees. The photo for this post was also taken at this festival.

- visiting other little spots in the countryside (there are so many gems out there waiting to be discovered!) and picking up some freshly baked artisan bread from Fieldstone. Best bakery I've ever been to on the West Coast!

- planning which show to go to this summer at Bard on the many great choices!!

- making a first attempt at raspberry cordial - a fermented raspberry drink made from whey, grated ginger, raspberries, and water. 

- going to the beach! 

Happy belated Canada Day and enjoy the rest of this gorgeous weekend!