Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Daughter - Winter & Shallows

Whenever I start listening to Daughter, I can't seem to stop. Their music is just hypnotic and totally absorbing. 

It may not be winter anymore (woohoo!), but this is perfect chilly haunting imagining night time-y music. 

Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Bird and the Bee - Love Letter to Japan

Just got back from Japan. This is kind of appropriate. I want to go baaack!

In other news, drinking smoothies, flower-watching, feeling good :-)

Friday, December 13, 2013

The War on Drugs - Red Eyes

Energy + gorgeousness + ambiance = yes, it is a beautiful song. 

Warpaint - Love is to Die + General Update

Somehow it's already the middle of December (yesterday at the beach people were playing volleyball, mostly wearing shorts and T-shirts and the like, California are you real?) and next week I'm going to Japan! Only for ten days, but that is awesome nonetheless. Christmas in Osaka is something I can definitely appreciate in all its glory.

This past week I attended some workshops and meetings at work, but now winter vacation has officially begun and I almost don't know how to prioritize everything that needs doing...there's so much to catch up on, lots of music to listen to, a few Christmas presents to search for, and winter clothes to pack (if I can still find some in the back of my closet). I recently finally got an electric guitar and a record player so I'm musically spoiled and am having trouble getting to other things. I feel like a kid at Christmas and just want to play with my toys all the time, yay!

Trader Joe's has way too many holiday treats right now. I've started drinking coffee again, just because of their Gingerbread and Wintry coffee flavors - they are so delicious I cannot resist. 

It's so sunny and gorgeous right now. Listening to good music and drinking (gingerbread, yay!) hot coffee in the somewhat chilly morning. Feels good. I'm just going to accept the fact that I now enjoy being lazy (hopefully not for a prolonged period of time).

Friday, November 22, 2013

Double Play (Jun Ha & Kim C) - 사라질것들 (Will Be Gone) (Feat. Lee Sora, Beenzino)

Can't stop listening to Korean tunes lately...goes nicely with my kimchi ;-) And makes me feel 'homesick'...I can't really use the term 'homesick' since Korea was my home for just a year and a half, but the feeling seems to be the same nonetheless.

Röyksopp - Something In My Heart (feat. Jamie Irrepressible)

 It's been a month since my last entry, whaaat? Seriously, this fall has gone by faster than lightning and it almost scares me how time slips away so easily. Although starting a new job always has that kind of effect I suppose...hopefully it's not that I'm getting old, *cough*. 

 As I was going to work the other day, sun shining, bright blue sky extending forever (yay, California! I'm still crazy for you!), I was thinking how nice it actually is to be older. I feel almost like a completely different person altogether. It shouldn't be a surprise that time and experience allow us to better understand ourselves and realize what we need, what we want, what makes us happy, ...all of those important life-changing type things...but somehow it continues to shock me how things that seem totally obvious/easy/clear to me now were a source of so much pain/confusion/yearning/chaos in the past. Obviously everything isn't all perfect and dandy now, but I do feel that I've grown a lot. It seems that when we're younger, we just want to please other people and fit in with whatever's around us and voluntarily jump through hoops (at least I sometimes did)...now I'm a lot more concerned about living how I want to live and loving what I love and not caring so much about others' expectations. It feels amazing to let all of that go and just live for yourself. Not in a selfish, tunnel-visioned way...but in the follow-your-heart and be true to yourself kind of way. We talked about this in some kind of career-guidance class I had to take in high school. I still remember how much I hated that class because it was so cheesy and condescending...but eventually those concepts do become relevant. Not when you're forced to write about them in a high school essay, though. We also had to plan our futures, which included choosing a career and making a family plan. Yes, a family plan. I made a presentation about how I would be a psychiatrist with a husband and a dog. Probably in a house. Gah, the horror. 

 Wow, this post was kind of random as usual. In other news, it's almost Thanksgiving, my students are wonderful and make me laugh sincere joyful laughter every time I see them, and it rained yesterday AND today...is this really southern California?? I don't mind, it actually makes it feel like fall and I can get away with an extra cup of (decaf) coffee and a cozy scarf. Who knows, maybe there will even be a fireplace in the near future. 

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Daughter - Youth + Fancy Fragrant Days

It feels more like fall these days, and it's kind of perfect. Walking on campus surrounded by energetic students (thankfully I am still energetic as well...I think haha), looking up at the blue sky, feeling the cool fresh air, eating brunch outdoors, putting on spiffy blazers...and listening to Daughter. There's no other season that offers up as strong of a feeling as fall...the crispness of the air, the colors, the sense of moving forward...there's something almost tangible about it.

Teaching is going well...it's so wonderful to teach adults again, feels more like play than work. Children really are a little like wild animals, and while that is fun and they are adorable, it is incredibly draining trying to manage that energy. I really think they aren't meant to spend so much time sitting in little chairs in gloomy classrooms...perhaps they should run around outside more and explore the world and release their energy. Anyway, my students are lovely and motivated and funny and they are just a joy to teach. I feel very lucky! 

It's almost time for the last weekend in October. Halloween is next week! I feel like dressing up this year, but without an actual costume I'll have to get creative. Or just wear a lot of makeup. Or just eat a lot of mini sized chocolates ;-)