Sunday, August 5, 2012

Last days in British Columbia

I'm enjoying my last days in beautiful British Columbia and playing around with a new photo filter app on my iPod. I still can't believe how gorgeous summer is here. It seems too vibrant, too colourful, too shiny to actually be real. Just as the fruit is unbelievably juicy and delicious, and people super friendly and smiley. All this cheery positivity is a good way to end my (eight year!) stay here. 

At the same time, I still feel disoriented. Everything is so completely different from Korea and I know I don't really have enough time to settle in and adjust before it's time to move. Some of the differences I absolutely love are the feelings of freedom, spaciousness, hugeness and being surrounded by such majestic nature. Every way I look I'm met with beauty illuminated by warm sunshine, it feels like a dream. 

I adore summer.

Friday, August 3, 2012

New blog...

One of the reasons I haven't been posting as much here is that I've started a new blog, which can be located here:

This new one is just for photos and poems.

Back in Canada

Well, it's still hard to wrap my (jet-lagged) head around it, but here I am back in Canada...after a 4 hour bus ride to the airport, this airport lunch of dol sot bibimbap, and a 10 hour flight I arrived safely in Vancouver, feeling unsure whether I was awake or dreaming or somewhere in between.

On the plane I cried and listened to Snow Patrol, which made me feel even worse. I am now officially living on a continent far away from my boyfriend and as much as I adore Skype, everything will change (and already has changed) so much. It's strange how a person can become such a huge part of yourself, like you're not really two different people at all but two connecting pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. Did I just write that? Sorry ;-)

After a little over a week I'll be flying off again, this time to California. My parents are moving there so the home I'm currently in isn't really my home anymore. I think I've never gone through so many huge life changes all at the same time before, my goodness! After just a few weeks in California I should be off to England to study for a year. 

But I wouldn't have it any other way. I think in the past I tended to stay in my comfort zone most of the time and the boredom of that was terrifying. Life is so precious, I don't ever want to limit myself and become stuck in a rut just because of fear. The last few years have been such a happy blur because I finally took big risks and made my own path. Now I can better understand what I want out of life, what makes me happy, and I hope I will always have the courage to keep moving forward and trying new things, even if I have no idea how they will work out. it's time to just relax, enjoy the sunshine, breathe the fresh ocean air, marvel at all the huge flowers and trees around me, and smile at the gorgeousness of summer. The world feels magical.