Thursday, May 30, 2013

Candy Claws - The Breathing Fire

I've finished all my presentations, wrote my final test, and there isn't much more to do before saying goodbye and moving on to the next thing. Which means...I just want to go and play outside! I haven't encountered any forests in California...the beach gradually becomes a desert, but that can be fun to explore too I suppose. And there's no better sound than the rush of the ocean. For now, I can get my dose of forest-y goodness from slightly unusual music videos.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Kinoko Teikoku - Eureka

New addiction.

The National - Sea of Love

Another gorgeous song from one of my favorite bands. I really don't know how they're able to create such a moving, melodic wave of perfect sound but they continue to do just that over and over again. 

These days my schedule at school is lighter than it was before, but somehow that makes me waste more time than before. I think I'm more productive when I have less free time to squander...conundrum indeed. I have now been spoiled by leisurely mornings involving (not textbook) books, freshly brewed coffee, and Japanese fashion tumblrs. Ahem. As wonderful as all those things are, I think I need to start planning my time more wisely.

Can't wait to watch The Great Gatsby!