Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Black + red nail art...

I have a friend who loves doing nail art and the result is that I get to be experimented on, and it is pretty much fantastic. Previous to this, my nails were all different happy colors with polka dots and smiley faces, which was cute. This black and red combo (with little sparkles) is probably my favorite manicure ever. I wish it would never wear off, but then I guess I'd get bored and want something different anyway. Such is the nature of life ;-)

I went to Encinitas yesterday and discovered what a great community it is. All the different beach communities along highway 101 have such distinct characters, it's so fun to experience them all. Encinitas is definitely one of my favorites, full of unique little shops and cafes. It has a historical feel to it and the people I encountered were super friendly. I also saw some interesting outfits that I admired. 

It's the strangest of things...even in mid-November this California weather keeps deceiving me into thinking that I'm still on summer vacation. I am not complaining.

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  1. What gorgeous nails! Subtle shimmers in nails are so pretty, I think (and I'll go for anything red, lol ;) ). I wish you had a picture of your nails before! The polka dots and smiley faces sound super cute. The most creative I ever was with my nails was trying to do a French manicure once. I did not succeed :P

    It's wonderful to discover a fun community. We're still carving out a place here, but I've been appreciating the new character of this area. I'm glad you've discovered a favorite!

    It was about 60 degrees an sunny every day while I was in Colorado, and I completely agree with you -- warm and vacation-y? No problem! :)