Friday, March 20, 2009

The Coming of Spring

Awakening to Spring means coming out of the cave, leaving hibernation behind, and embracing the new light of a beautiful and energizing season. Every year, Springtime brings hope, new life, and an irresistible freshness that makes me want to skip and sing and talk to the birds :) In a good way :) 

What better time than now to consider where we are and where we want to go. If we would like to see a bend in the road, this is the moment to start creating it. We are currently aligned with the forces of renewal, creation, and rebirth. This is the time to make it all happen - to become the change. I have been thinking a lot about what new skills I would like to learn, what new places to go and explore, what new approaches to take in order to live closer to my vision, experience fulfillment, and be of service. What can I throw in the shopping cart in order to cross out that list of needs? doesn't work that way :) Sometimes, maybe often, we have to get our hands dirty. In order to really make a difference, it is not enough to read books and burst with good intentions. Recycling the tetra-pack container from my imported coconut water may be a positive start, but what I would love to experience is eating berries from my own living, breathing garden. 

We are all born with dreams inside of us. With infinite imagination matched only by our infinite potential to make those dreams happen. For so long we have been raised in an environment that stifles those dreams and replaces our radiant potential with societal rules of how to live and the importance of conforming so that we can be easily herded like sheep. Every creature, every plant, every single human being is a miraculous thing of beauty. It is time that we recognize and honour our own unique specialness and, in so doing, embrace the beauty of everything and everyone else on this planet. 

"We are such stuff as dreams are made on;
and our little life is rounded with a sleep"

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  1. Thanks for leading me to your blog Lucy, look forward to hearing (reading?) more of your beautiful and inspiring thoughts. Thanks for all your support, you have guided me towards a cleaner and healthier body! - Marie