Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sunday morning on the beach...

One of the loveliest sights at this time of year has to be the gradual, almost shy blooming of the flowers. In the midst of still wintry grayness and barrenness, catching a flash of gorgeous colour in the twinkling sunlight is absolutely delightful and invigorating! This particular daffodil is located not too far from the ocean, which was quite the sight itself this morning. Whenever I go for a Sunday walk, I'm pleasantly surprised by how many people are already flocking there. Many are out for exercise - it's never too early or too late to run - and most others are out for a more leisurely, relaxing stroll. I like seeing the different kinds of people that come out - the families, quiet cozy couples, close-knit girlfriends, solitary artists, young kids, old kids...all enjoying the fresh air and engulfing natural beauty. Being outdoors on a morning like this is more rejuvenating than eating a stack of pancakes with maple syrup :) 

An early morning walk is probably my most favourite way to start the day, maybe if we could all do this on a regular basis there would be more love and relaxation in the world :) Actually, I don't think that's even questionable. So that's the goal - more strolling around (preferably barefoot in the sand, but let's not get picky here) without watching the clock or thinking of what needs to be done at home/back at the office. What we really need is to open up some windows, swing the door as wide as it will go, and welcome the world with open arms. Open yourself, and everything will flood joyfully inside! 

"Nature abhors a vacuum, and if I can only walk with sufficient
carelessness, I am sure to be filled"
~Henry David Thoreau

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