Sunday, July 11, 2010

Summer Hotness

I'm back! My internet connection has been very wonky and frustratingly inconsistent and slow lately, but only on my main computer, my laptop works fine. Technology continues to perplex me :) Yesterday I was walking around in Vancouver and I saw a store selling beautiful old typewriters - now that's more like it :) I stopped and admired them for a full minute :)

In other news, Vancouver is experiencing a heatwave - I guess the weather has to balance itself out :) I'm enjoying it - being able to wear sandals, flowy skirts, and tank tops after months spent bundled up in jackets and scarves is sooo liberating and wonderful! I can finally feel the sunshine on my skin :)

As for food, I recently tried some delicious Korean tea. There are many interesting flavours but so far my favourite is a nut blend. It comes as a powder packaged in individual little pouches. Just add hot water and you get a rich, creamy, nutty, extremely tasty cup of tea, mmmm. This particular tea was given to me so now I'll definitely have to go and try to find a place in Vancouver that sells it.

Have a wonderful weekend! Happy middle of July (aghhh!)!!

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  1. Arggg is right!! Where is the summer going??

    Technology perplexes me, too - I still haven't figured out why my computer screen tends to change its resolution on a whim. I hope the computer isn't on it's way out :O Now, typewriters! I used to love playing with those when I was younger and things were simpler :)

    That Korean tea sounds really interesting. Is it like matcha (powdered green tea)? Nutty tea with milk sounds perfect! Stay cool, Lucy!