Saturday, November 13, 2010

Cozy winter-y mornings...

...oh how I love them :-) It's so great to get up when it's still a little dark and completely peaceful, make some oatmeal and hot tea, and have a leisurely breakfast by the fireplace. It's quite cold here so I've been forced to sit by the fireplace a lot :-) It's a hard life :-)

November is suddenly pretty much half over, wow! When I went shopping there were Christmas decorations everywhere and there was already a festive feel in the air, but no Christmas music yet thank goodness. All the delicious Christmas chocolate is so tempting though :-) Yum yum!

Instead of chocolate, I ate a seafood pancake at the Korean store downtown and bought some kimchi, ramyun, gim (a roasted seaweed snack), and oyster mushrooms. Most purchases were healthy...the ramyun not so much but it brings back lots of great memories :-) Food is amazing that way - it's not just about momentary taste but rather it's right at the centre of people coming together and sharing good times and connecting...nice.

I'm hoping the weather will be cooperative today so that I can go for a long, refreshing walk. Winter walks are so much fun when it's not windy and/or rainy. Especially if you have a hot beverage in your hand, a warm hat on your head, and a friend beside you :-)

Have a terrific weekend!


  1. Hmm ... sitting by the cracking fireplace with a steaming bowl of oatmeal and a hot cup of tea ... darn, Lucy, you have the hard life ;) I do love being all cuddled up inside when it's cold outside, and when you go inside a warm house after fighting through the cold outside - now that's the best feeling of all. I'm not looking forward to snow (sadly!), but it sure it beautiful when it first falls. And fall it will, because December is almost here! I haven't heard any Christmas music yet either, thank goodness, but everyone seems to be getting into the Christmas spirit early :)

    Have a great weekend, Lucy!

  2. There's plenty of snow here now! Right now it's great since it's the weekend, but if it keeps coming down when Monday rolls around - eek! Commuting won't be fun.

    I hope you're having a lovely start to the winter season!

    Have a splendid weekend, Jessie :-)