Saturday, November 6, 2010

'Tis November...oooh, darkness!

It's 7am but it feels like the middle of the night! Daylight Savings Time ends tomorrow and I'm looking forward to having some light in the morning!

Aaaaand, it's November already! That means Christmas lights and decorations will soon make the cold winter much more enjoyable and cozy :-) I never put up any decorations before late December but I certainly enjoy admiring them and feeling immersed in a Winter Wonderland :-) For me it's still the most magical time of the year :-)

Well, I had my EPIK interview at the Korean Consulate and it went well! Suddenly, it feels like going to Korea is more of a reality and not just a vapour-y dream. It's exciting...and hard to believe! Maybe soon my life will change so much I won't be able to recognize it anymore :-) It's amazing how quickly things have changed already in the past few a natural, flow-y kind of way :-) Going with the flow feels great :-)

Happy First November Weekend! Stay warm and cozy :-)


  1. Congrats on your great EPIK interview! I'm so excited for you! I can't see why they wouldn't take you anyway, honestly :) Going Korea again would be amazing! Not to mention, I could vicariously travel with you again ;) I'll be waiting to hear what happens!

    I can't believe it's November already! It's nice having light in the morning, but when the sun goes down here about 4:30, I feel like it's the dead of winter. I'm always tempted to put up Christmas decorations earlier to brighten up the dark days, but I guess I should at least wait until December ;)

    Have a great weekend, Lucy!

  2. Thanks Jessie!

    The darkness is crazy! Just after 4 it already feels like it's 9pm and almost time for bed. And it makes me want to eat more in the evenings ha ha (agh!). Maybe now is a good time to put up lights and decorations after all, brightening up the dark days sounds like a most excellent idea :-)

    Have a lovely cozy weekend!