Friday, March 30, 2012

Nesquik Cereal and Other Foods Eaten from a Bowl

When I was little, I was not exactly into healthy eating. Instead of vegetables I preferred to eat anything chocolate-y. Including a chocolate-y breakfast, oh dear! I ate Nesquik every morning...which makes me cringe now. I still adore chocolate, but I refrain from eating it for breakfast. Or lunch. I also adore eating things out of a bowl. Bowl meals tend to be my favourite. Here are some delicious examples:

- oatmeal with various toppings such as ground flax seed, cinnamon, slices of banana, nut butter, nuts

- plain yogurt with granola or banana + cinnamon or berries

- soup ~ especially pureed ones, such as butternut squash soup, broccoli soup, pea soup, throw in a bunch of vegetables and use an immersion blender soup

- ice cream! I like vanilla ice cream with swirls of chocolate and something crunchy, like nuts...I don't really like fruit flavours such as strawberry (I prefer to just eat the fruit itself)

- a bowl of fruit! ~ it can be fruit salad or just a lovely combination such as grapes + strawberries...the colours alone make me smile 

- bibimbap ~ a Korean dish which includes rice, some sliced vegetables, a little bit of ground beef, one egg, and spicy red pepper sauce

- chili with ground turkey and loads of veggies ~ a hot bowl of chili is so comforting and perfect for a cold/rainy day

Today is dark and rainy so I'm looking forward to dinner-in-a-bowl. Plate foods are not nearly as comforting and satisfying as bowl foods. This is a fact.

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