Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Melody Gardot - If the Stars Were Mine

So, I've had quite a lot of school work to tackle lately. Being a student again is great in some ways, but homework and tests - those are never fun. What makes it better is listening to some lovely background music while you're slaving away. It's the whole "whistle while you work" theory, works like a charm.

Melody Gardot is 27 and you can learn more about her on Wikipedia. In 2003, she got hit by a car while riding her bike and was seriously injured. She had to relearn how to do very basic things, like brushing her teeth and walking, and her memory was also effected. Music therapy helped her to recover and she has since become a big advocate of using music therapy for pain management and healing. Her story is super inspirational and it's amazing how she has used music, beauty, art, expression to overcome such difficult and painful circumstances. The power of music and art to change people's lives, to give hope and meaning, to heal...incredible!

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  1. Melody Gardot sounds like an incredible person, very brave in the face of adversity (and has a beautiful voice!). It really is amazing how music can transport us to a new place, particularly when you think about how simple music can be (scales, keys). Each piece of music can give completely different emotions.

    Good luck with your schoolwork! I know you'll conquer your classes no problem :)