Thursday, October 24, 2013

Daughter - Youth + Fancy Fragrant Days

It feels more like fall these days, and it's kind of perfect. Walking on campus surrounded by energetic students (thankfully I am still energetic as well...I think haha), looking up at the blue sky, feeling the cool fresh air, eating brunch outdoors, putting on spiffy blazers...and listening to Daughter. There's no other season that offers up as strong of a feeling as fall...the crispness of the air, the colors, the sense of moving forward...there's something almost tangible about it.

Teaching is going's so wonderful to teach adults again, feels more like play than work. Children really are a little like wild animals, and while that is fun and they are adorable, it is incredibly draining trying to manage that energy. I really think they aren't meant to spend so much time sitting in little chairs in gloomy classrooms...perhaps they should run around outside more and explore the world and release their energy. Anyway, my students are lovely and motivated and funny and they are just a joy to teach. I feel very lucky! 

It's almost time for the last weekend in October. Halloween is next week! I feel like dressing up this year, but without an actual costume I'll have to get creative. Or just wear a lot of makeup. Or just eat a lot of mini sized chocolates ;-)

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  1. I like the last option, ha! Lots of little chocolates would suit me just fine :) Will you have trick-or-treaters? I'm not sure if we'll have any this year, but I've bought lots of candy just in case ;)

    I'm so glad to hear you've been enjoying teaching! As someone who has worked with kids and adults, I will agree that adults are often easier. I remember having a had time sitting still when I was a kid, and I try to remember that now even though I get worn out easily!

    Have a great weekend, Lucy! Soak up this autumn goodness! :)