Friday, October 4, 2013

Fleet Foxes - Grown Ocean

First week of teaching, done and done! And it made me realize just how much I've missed it! Which is a lot! It's great to stumble onto something you happen to love and then do it as a real job. There's nothing better than doing something fun and fulfilling, and getting paid for it too.

In other news, it still feels like the middle of summer...I honestly cannot believe that it's October. Today I wore a light summer dress with sandals and still felt very toasty. California remains a (lovely) enigma. 

I bought my ticket for Japan! Last year, I spent Christmastime on the beach. This year will be more Christmas-y weather-wise as Japan is way colder than South Cal, but also very interesting culture-wise since it's a holiday for couples in Japan. I don't think I will mind the cold too much...pretty lights, cozy evenings, and being with the person you love...heavenly and merry indeed :-)

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  1. Congrats on your first (er, I mean second ;) ) week of teaching! Isn't it wonderful to find something you love? Sometimes, I can't believe I get paid to think about food and nutrition and help people. I'm so glad you've found a love of teaching! I'll bet your students just adore you :)

    Japan over Christmas should be fantastic (and of course, being with someone you love is even better!)! Trips always seem more real after the tickets are bought. Take lots of pictures while you're there!