Friday, April 17, 2009

Bliss in a Sip!

Today was a shining reminder that Spring is most definitely in bloom, and Summer is on its way! I will have to take some pictures of all these lovely cherry blossoms - they have transformed the most ordinary of streets into magical passageways that may sweep you away to another world :)

The radiant sunshine always makes me extra thirsty, and there's nothing I crave more after a walk outdoors than coconut water. Especially if I've been walking uphill :) Coconut water not only quenches my thirst, but it also contains many wonderful nutrients and no artificial ingredients, making it far superior to regular sports drinks. It contains lots of great electrolytes, including potassium, in amounts similar to what is found in our own blood. I like being able to replenish any lost electrolytes (especially after vigorous, sweaty exercise!) with something as close to whole food as possible, and coconut water is definitely the star in this department. Unfortunately we don't have any local coconuts here, so I have been buying it in little tetra-pack containers whenever I need that extra boost. The company I chose emphasized that the packaging is made with paper from responsibly managed forests, and I really hope that they are being honest and ethical about this.

Yay for delicious and nutritious coconuts!

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