Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Follow the Flowers

Last Sunday I had the pleasure of visiting a beautiful garden in Vancouver and feeling like I had been transported to a magnificent paradise. This time of year is the best for stepping outside and drinking in the beauty of all the newly blooming flowers and lush greenery. Everything feels suddenly alive and vibrant and breathtakingly gorgeous! Even walking around the neighbourhood is a different experience when you're surrounded by such colour and cheerful birdsong. 

There was no admission fee when I went, so hundreds of people had flocked to this same place, to admire nature and soak up the loveliness of this sunny day. I get so excited when I see people choosing to reconnect with nature and life and feel the sun on their skin rather than locking themselves indoors. It's especially enjoyable to see how children interact with their surroundings - they experience everything directly and completely in the moment rather than analyzing things and feeling separate from their environment. 

We are all part of the environment, but it is terribly easy to feel like you've been separated from it. Luckily, that is all an illusion - no matter how many office towers we build or how orange the fluorescent lights we put up, we will always be part of nature and grounded in the earth. Simply walking outside, visiting a park, doing a bit of gardening, or sprinkling some fresh herbs on our food can help to reconnect us and remind us that we are one with nature :)

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