Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve!

Well, it's already December 24th! And that means that it's Christmas Eve, hooray! I love this time of year as it really does seem to bring people together and the festive spirit can be felt everywhere you go :) Yesterday I popped into JD Farms for some turkey items (not a whole turkey - we're roasting a big organic free-range chicken instead) and was amazed to see all the people lining up to get big, organic, specialty turkeys. It's wonderful to see that people really do care, both about their own health and about the treatment and well-being of the animals.

I also popped into Fieldstone Artisan Breads for a fresh loaf of Miller's Grain Country bread, yum yum! Fresh, whole grain bread from an actual bakery is so incredibly delicious and flavourful, and it has the real texture that bread is supposed to have. There was a massive lineup here as well, especially since they were also selling many Christmas treats and traditional items such as mince pies. Nobody seemed to mind though, and there was a great buzz in the air - great fun!

Now it's time for last minute preparations before all the festivity really gets into swing. I was reading about what people eat on Christmas Eve in other cultures and some of the dishes were quite surprising. For example, in France the dinner is long and luxurious (well, that's not so surprising), including appetizers such as oysters, lobster, and escargot. In Provence, they have a tradition of 13 desserts, wow!

Happy Christmas Eve! I hope everyone has a lovely time with their loved ones :)

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