Saturday, October 22, 2011

Reading, eating, writing...

Another weekend is here (and it feels very fleeting as usual!) and I am cozy inside, drinking tea and trying to refrain from eating chocolate. Yesterday was a very rainy day and today is just as gloomy and cloudy but without the rain. It's nice for staying indoors.

Yesterday's downtown adventures (of course I ventured outside despite the weather!) included eating delicious chocolate cake at a lovely cake shop downtown. It was my first visit there and it took ten minutes just to choose what kind of cake we wanted - there were so many tempting options! We ate the cake at a cafe above the shop and chatted the time away. Today's photo is obviously not of chocolate cake but cream pasta from dinner out a few weeks ago. Oh well, it still looks interesting haha.

I also bought two new books as I'm almost through The Woman in White. Wilkie Collins' mysteries are so atmospheric and intriguing...I get completely wrapped up in them and cannot stop turning the pages...and reading just a little bit more...and more :-) Anywho, the two new books I bought are Howards End, which I've been meaning to read for ages, and also The Night Circus. I wasn't planning on buying anything contemporary but this sounds like such an imaginative, magical, theatrical book that I couldn't resist. I'm hoping it will transport me to an exciting new world and stir my fancy :-) The cover is pretty at least ;-)

Well, time to pull my eyes away from the computer and point them at a book instead.

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  1. I love staying indoors on a cold, wet, gloomy day (kind of like today in CT, actually!) and cozying up with a cup of tea a good book! I'm looking forward to seeing what you think of Howard's End - I've had that book on my shelf for ages and just haven't read it yet.

    That cream pasta looks delicious and filling! Is it in a bread bowl? I've never had pasta in a bread bowl, only thick soups - but, I think I'd like some cream pasta, no matter what form it was in ;)

    I hope you're feeling better, Lucy, and recovered from your cold! Take care!!