Saturday, October 15, 2011

Sniff's cold season!

After avoiding and fighting off the ailment seemingly every other teacher at school had fallen prey too, I too have finally surrendered. I have a cold. Which means staying indoors, drinking copious amounts of tea, reading, and watching The Great British Bake Off. Things could be worse I guess ;-)

This past week I've been quite busy, rarely spending time at home and having lots of adventures outside while the weather is still good. I had lots of fun, but sadly I neglected to get enough quiet, recharging time and now I'm paying for it.

Whenever I get sick I think it's a good reminder to get more rest, eat and drink a little more carefully, and take some time out for myself. Some people can be super busy all day long, sleep for just a few hours, and be able to repeat the cycle again and again. I think they also get energy from the people around them. I can only do this for a very very short time. Even though I am still young, I need my eight hours of sleep, some peaceful time alone, and healthy food and drinks. It is easy to feel when I am a little off balance, but sometimes it's hard to find that balance again when life tempts us with adventure, sunshine, and chocolate brownies ;-)

Today I will delve more deeply into The Woman in White (which has flourished into a page turner just a few pages in). Thank goodness for books - even when we can't explore the real world outside, we can always transport ourselves to a different place just by picking up a book :-D

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