Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Celebrating spring...in a duck boat!

It feels so good to finally feel warm, to see flowers blooming outside, to stroll around leisurely.

Spring in Korea is lovely. I think it just might be my favourite season here. Sometimes when I'm walking, I turn a corner and stumble upon a row of the most gorgeous cherry blossoms. They look like little twinkling stars that sparkle in the sunshine and I adore them. They don't last for very long, especially when it rains, but that just makes them all the more precious. 

I also visited Suseong Lake and enjoyed plenty of fresh air and sunshine. Trying out one of those duck boats was a must and it turned out to be the highlight of the day. Being out on the water is both tremendously fun and super relaxing. 

Today is Election Day so I have the day off work. Lunch will involve a salad buffet restaurant and lots of girl talk. Perfect for a rainy (but still warm!) spring day. :-)

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  1. I LOVE cherry blossoms!!!! Can't wait to see them myself one day!~S~