Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Spring Picnic Day...

My school had a picnic day today so all the students ventured far and wide, leaving the school eerily empty and quiet. After spending the morning lesson planning and staring out my classroom window, I joined three other teachers for a delicious lunch. My school is next to Palgong Mountain so we enjoyed a lovely drive to a traditional restaurant. The restaurant is not just one big building, but almost a little village made up of little traditional huts. Each group of people gets its own private little hut to eat in. When the cold winter hits, floor heating makes the huts super cozy. Now it's hot rather than freezing, so we opened up the windows and enjoyed the fresh air while eating. We could hear goats and a goose as well, making it a truly countryside best ever kind of lunch.

The first picture is a spicy salad. The brown cubes are jelly made from acorn starch. I was skeptical at first, but this kind of jelly is quite delicious! 

This was followed by chicken soup with loads of side dishes. After that we also had juk (rice porridge) but I forgot to take a photo, oops.

Traditional restaurants are by far my favourite places to eat in Korea. The atmosphere is amazing (I love all things old and traditional!!), the food is delicious, the preparation of the food is also traditional and slow (no shortcuts!), but it's served quite promptly so I don't get cranky waiting (but that's how it is with all things in Korea - service is soooo efficient!), everything is healthy, and I leave feeling fantastic!^^

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