Thursday, July 11, 2013

Indigo la End - Sweet Spider

One of my favorite Japanese bands :-) I really wish I could travel right now...I pretty much always have the travel bug and probably always will, but it's extra powerful at the moment. I want to sit on a train and look at new scenery, go to a bakery for a unique pastry, walk around somewhere discovering everything for the very first time, feel lost and excited, feel stimulated by every little detail around me. I think for me, becoming immersed in other cultures, wandering around in unknown places, experiencing life in a completely new way, seeing the world from many different points of view...those are just the best things ever. Especially when you can share the experience with other lovely people and explore and laugh and eat together. 


  1. Now you're giving me the travel bug :) I feel this urge, too, especially when I've been in one place for a while (and "a while" = "several months"). You have some travel coming up, don't you? Maybe not right away, but hopefully something to look forward to? :)

  2. There's still lots of time this summer for a trip or two, right? I will hopefully travel a bit around the end of the summer but I won't be back in Japan for a while...either this winter (agh, so cold!!) or spring.