Saturday, July 13, 2013

Stars - 14 Forever

There was a short time during university when I co-hosted a radio theatre show at my school's radio station. It was super fun, sitting in the dark surrounded by dials and buttons and tapes and enjoying this completely different little world. Then my co-host graduated from uni and I didn't want to continue without him, so that was the end, sigh. Whenever we finished a show, he usually put on a Stars song. Lovely. 

In other news, having bought a giant bunch of gorgeous organic kale, I tried homemade kale chips for the very first time yesterday and they were delicious!! Can't wait to try again (with a little less salt since salt is exceptionally salty)! Even though I'm not much of a meat-loving type person, I've also acquired a fondness for pulled pork yum yum.

Happy Weekend!

1 comment:

  1. I wish I could have heard your radio show! Can you start another? It sounds like a really fun thing to do :)

    Yay for homemade kale chips! We have an abundance of kale in our garden that I have to do something with, so perhaps kale chips it is (although turning on the oven in this heat - eek!). Have you ever tried massaged kale? You just massage the leaves with a little olive oil and they get nice and tender. And that's it! :)