Monday, September 23, 2013

Fleet Foxes for Fall

I absolutely adore listening to Fleet Foxes at this time of year - it's cozy and heartwarming and all the harmonies somehow match this season perfectly. 

Today I finally started working again - exciting! This week is orientation week, so there's no actual teaching, but it's still exciting to meet the new students and help them settle into their programs. I met so many lovely people from all around the world...Korea, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Argentina, Russia... It's a special place to be and, for me, the most ideal job situation. I hope everything goes well!

The classroom I was in today didn't happen to feature functional air conditioning (less ideal!) so I was super hot and went straight for frozen yogurt after work. I've also been buying more and more kombucha lately. It's so refreshing and hopefully as healthy as it's supposed to be. Mass produced fermented products can't be as good as homemade ones, but I don't think I'll be making any of my own kombucha any time soon. A friend offered me her scoby once, but I was too terrified to accept it haha. 

Fleet Foxes, tea, and another sunny day tomorrow :-)

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  1. I had to laugh at your scoby reference - I tried making my own kombucha, oh, maybe four years ago and my scoby grew out of control. I never made kombucha again ;)

    Yay for meeting some amazing students! It must be incredible to have people from so many different homes and backgrounds together to share and learn. It sounds like you're really enjoying what you do :)