Monday, September 2, 2013

Hello September, hello autumn, hello sunshine

Seasonal changes are times of transition, and as such they always make me feel a little scattered and pulled in different directions. Hold on to the last bits of summer, prepare for the crispness of fall, run around outside, contemplate Deep Things while looking at clouds, do academic productive things, have a movie marathon complete with popcorn and blankets, think of the future, live in the moment...sometimes I just don't know what to do with myself and then I end up doing nothing, and that can be okay too. Also, as much as getting older disturbs and confounds me, I do feel a lot more grounded and solid and sure of what I want and what I need. Time is not a thing, but when it adds up it becomes meaningful. Maybe. 

Last Saturday I went to Birch Aquarium and enjoyed being (not literally) submerged in beautiful underwater worlds. Being a terrible swimmer and unwilling to do much more beyond dabbling in shallow waters, I will probably never go scuba diving but I absolutely adore aquariums since they provide a glimpse of this magical otherworldly universe that actually truly exists. Also, I touched an anemone of some sort and the way it grabs and entwines your finger is kind of exciting. Interaction with nature, yes. A lifetime of not having any pets makes it that much easier to fall for the cuteness of little anemones. I did not touch the sea cucumber though. 

Here's to a fabulous, stunningly gorgeous September. Bring on the apples.


  1. I'm so impressed you touched an anemone! That must have been quite an experience - was it sort of ... squishy? I also love aquariums, particularly when you feel like you're right there as a creature swims by.

    Have you ever read "The Winter Room" by Gary Paulsen? It's an amazing kid's book where the main character talks about the in-between times at one season's end and another's beginning. I highly recommend it :)

    Hope you're having a great week, Lucy!

  2. The anemone wraps its tentacle things around your finger, it's really neat and not slimy at all haha :-)

    I haven't read that book but it sounds like I should! Thanks for the recommendation, Jessie :-)