Thursday, September 19, 2013

Reunions and goodbyes

I've spent the last two weeks in paradise, reunited with my bf who lives in Japan but came to visit after five (dreadfully long) months apart. He went back to Japan this morning and I'm a little bit in shock. It's strange to be apart from someone you love for so long, then to spend two weeks completely immersed in each other, only to say goodbye again and not see them at all, except on a computer screen. Lonely lonely lonely. It's amazing how different a place feels when someone you shared it with leaves...all the warmth dissipates. 

But, I will refrain from greyness and gloom. When we love someone, I think we can do whatever it takes to stay together and stay connected. 

Now on to comfort reading more Anne of Green Gables and refraining from drinking any more coffee.


  1. *Hugs* Lucy :( It looked like you two had a lot of fun during his visit - it must be so hard to be separated from someone you love, especially with such a distance. Will you be able to visit Japan anytime soon?

    Books are often my favorite comfort, too :) Which Anne of Green Gables are you reading?

  2. Thank you, Jessie :-) I will probably go to Japan for two weeks in December. I can't wait :-)

    I'm reading the very first book. The last time I read it was so long ago that it feels quite fresh, and I think I'll have to read the next one, too - it's so good and absolutely perfect for cozy autumn reading :-)

    1. I love re-reading the series :) My favorite is Anne's House of Dreams, which I think is number 5 in the series.

      Here's hoping December comes quickly! :)