Sunday, June 28, 2009

Here's to the end of June!

Ahhh, how time flies when Summer's in the air, bees are a-buzzing, flowers are blooming, and birds are sing-songing! My days have included going to farmer's markets, more berry picking (get your strawberries before they're all gone!), lounging in the sun, getting a few more pots of plants for the deck (including some deliciously fragrant herbs!), experimenting in the kitchen, and finishing up at nutrition school, the end of which saddens me quite a bit. It's so important to find a community of like-minded individuals, and when people share a hopeful, nurturing attitude towards the earth and our future on it, it's deeply inspiring and feels absolutely wonderful! I hope we can all start connecting more in our efforts to make life a little greener, a little simpler, a little more compassionate :) 

One place that reminds me of this simple, old-fashioned kind of life is Fort Langley, a small historical town that is always fun to visit and stroll around in, soaking up the atmosphere and feeling any stress melt away. It's the perfect place for wearing big flowery hats, long dresses, and anything with ribbons :) There's some tasty gelato to be had also, and several antiques shops if that catches your fancy. 

Coming up, there will be lots of raspberries to pick and eat, as well as tomatoes, cherries, more nugget potatoes, and leafy greens. I had some delicious spelt pancakes yesterday, with jam and honey from Krause Farms. It was a bit of a sugar overload, but delightful and delicious nonetheless :) 

Oh, and another festive event going down this weekend and other days to come is the Vancouver Jazz Festival. There are plenty of free outdoor performances, mainly on Granville Island and in Gastown this weekend, and this event is always fun if you're a fan of music or summer festivals. 

Here's hoping everyone's end of June is full of joy and light!

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