Sunday, April 25, 2010

An addition has been made...

...and it happens to be a gorgeous new computer! It was definitely time for the old one to gracefully retire (before exploding completely...or just crawling to a permanent stop). Now I have a lovely Mac with a ginormous screen (and it's the smaller of the two options!!) and way more desk space.

This weekend was chock full of chores. Mostly shopping-type chores. And hopping on over to the bakery :) I got more ESL books so now my resource collection is almost completely complete. Oh, and I indulged and got the first volume of the Glee soundtrack. Not the kind of music I normally listen to but, kind of surprisingly, I've really been enjoying the show and I like all the theatricality and modern choir sounds. Plus, it's just oodles of fun and I can use it in class. Yup, for educational purposes.

It was quite sunny and warm today, so I strolled around admiring all the flowers that are blooming so beautifully right now. My neighbourhood is bursting with gorgeous colours - it's such a treat!

Well, hopefully I can figure out a lot of the fantastic features on this lovely computer. I'm sure it's very useful in addition to being pretty :)



  1. Yay for a new MAC!! I'm a Mac owner myself, and I can say that it is far superior to the monster I schlepped around in college and that was constantly laden with viruses. Congrats on the new addition to your family! Were you a PC user before?

    I keep hearing about the Glee soundtrack all over the place, and now that you have it and like it I feel like I should get it, too. For educational purposes, of course ;)

    I'm so glad your neighborhood is gorgeous! Have you taken any pictures?

  2. im a PC... but no fights here hehe i think macs are just as cool (but i wont say cooler) xoxoxo

    love ur blog xo!

  3. I was a PC user before, but now I'm completely and utterly converted...there's no going back at this point :) I haven't taken my camera outside in months!!! Agh!!!! This weekend I NEED to take some pretty photos :)

    Ooooh, Macs aren't any cooler you say :) I must say, looking at my beautiful giant uber high resolution computer screen right now I'm totally hypnotized :) Thank you for visiting, I just checked out your blog and it's absolutely lovely :)