Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Photos will be back...soonish

Agh, my blog is suffering from lack of visual..ness again! Why? Because I'm using my brand new computer and I haven't uploaded any photos as of yet. Plus, I want to take some new photos displaying the beauty of Spring 2010 and put them up.

Dine Out Vancouver is happening right now and I really want to go and eat some tasty food! All three (well-priced) courses of it :) Vancouver is full of some fantastic restaurants, some of them in obvious locations and others hidden away, just waiting to be discovered. I don't eat out very often so when I do, I like to go for something special - flavourful, properly cooked, and made of high quality ingredients. Mmmm, thinking of food is making me want to eat a second dinner :) Speaking of flavourful, high quality ingredients - today I ate pita pizza for dinner for the third day in a row, eek! On the plus side, I had some healthy zucchini soup along with it...but really, three days of pizza (even if it's homemade) is a bit much.

Are there any foods that you could eat every single day without ever getting sick of them? I never get tired of my delicious oatmeal. I also like nuts, bread, brie, and soup ever so much :)

Mmmm, yummy food... :)


  1. I can't wait to see some of your gorgeous Spring pictures! I have this image of your town as being this sort of paradise from the way that you describe it :) In the past week, we've somehow bypassed Spring and gone straight into Summer! Last night was so hot, it was impossible to sleep! Hopefully the thunderstorms later will cool it down.

    Dine Out Vancouver sounds like a great way to try some fun foods! We have something similar here (Taste of New Haven), where expensive restaurants have price-fixed menus of some of their favorites, and it's usually pretty good! I hope you get a chance to take advantage of it!

    Having pita pizza for the third day in a row isn't bad at all, especially as I'm guessing your pizza isn't dripping with grease like the ones around here! Like you, I could have oatmeal ever day - oh wait, I do ;)

    Have a wonderful Sunday, Lucy!

  2. During the Spring and Summer it definitely feels like paradise! I'm jealous of your warm weather - it's been mostly cold and dark here for the past while. And windy!

    I think my pita pizza is quite wholesome as well as being delicious :) I put lots of red onion, tomato/red pepper, mushrooms, herbs, tomato paste (hooray for lycopene) on whole wheat pitas. I don't put any meat and I use good quality cheese. Mmmm, I want to eat some right now ha ha.

    Have a fantastic Sunday, Jessie :)