Saturday, April 10, 2010

Ready for the Weekend!

Whew, I got threw my first 5-day working week at IH (after last week's long weekend) and it looks like I've survived :) It was actually quite enjoyable and stress-free for the most part. Three of my four classes are a delight to teach, and my timing/pacing/planning of various activities seems to be working fine so far. The fourth class I teach is a bit of a struggle though - it's a bigger room, hot, many of the students are tired, it's the lowest level that I teach so basic communication is more challenging, there's no structure/guide for me to yes, just lots of things that add up to the messiest, least smooth class of my day. I have to figure out how to keep them engaged and focused and motivated and positive.

There was also some pretty crazy weather this week - howling winds and cold temperatures galore. On Wednesday night I woke up to the sound of hail against my window - it sounded like the window would break! When I left the house, the ground was covered in hail and actually looked quite magical. I didn't have time to admire it though, as I was too busy trying to run to catch the bus while wearing heels :)

Food food food. I've been eating lots of green soup, legumes (mostly chickpeas), onions, zucchini, apples, oranges...and brie :) Amongst other things :) Yesterday I went to an Indian restaurant on the beach (gorgeous view of the ocean!) and had chana masala with naan. Very tasty (especially eaten outside on the patio under the glow of sunshine!), but later on I ate an orange and after that my stomach rebelled. It still feels a bit funny but I'm hoping it will get better as the day goes on :)

Well, it's time to get some things done! It feels so good to have a day off - freedom! Time to recharge those batteries :)


  1. Haha! I'm trying to imagine you running through the hail with heels ;) It's crazy what Nature will conjure up!

    Congrats on surviving the week! It sounds like you have a tough class with the basic communication lessons. I've found that basic classes are harder, too, because you need to work on the foundation of the subject and that can be really hard! Especially in a hot room. Do you play games or have activities, or does the school structure the class so that you can't do activities?

    Enjoy your weekend! :)

  2. How bizzaro that it was hailing! I guess it's not unheard of for April, but what gives Vancouver!?

    Channa masala...very nice! I haven't tried any yet in India, but yum yum!

    Glad things are going pretty well with your class - I'm sure you'll be able to keep them interested!

  3. Nature always keeps us surprised indeed :) There isn't a strict structure for that afternoon lesson, so I'm currently trying to think up of some vocabulary games and interactive activities for that class. I guess I'll keep experimenting and trying new methods until something hopefully clicks :)

    I can't wait to hear about your authentic eats in India! So much flavour and tradition and variety, oh my! Bon appetit :)