Friday, April 2, 2010

Happy April!

These flamingos at San Diego Zoo are probably frolicking in the sun right now :) Boy, do I wish I was frolicking in the sun too! It's so dark I have the lights turned on and I think everyone must still be sleeping due to this strange, dark weather (cue thunder and lightning...).

Hooray for the long weekend! Time for rest, relaxation, and reflection. And maybe even some exercise! My feet hurt from walking around in heels all week and I feel a bit stiff, so some stretching and moving would do a world of good.

Looking back on this week, I must say it was a blast! Now that I know what to expect and no longer feel like I'm stepping into a mysterious black hole, I can actually enjoy it and work on making my lessons a whole lot better. Especially the afternoon ones, which we have to plan ourselves using various books and audio tracks...right now it still seems quite challenging to put together a really good lesson at the appropriate level for all the students. I'm hoping this will get easier with time and experience.

In about an hour I'll be getting a haircut! So my hair will be super short again - just the way I like it. My hair is very thick and right now it's sticking out in all has a life of its own :)

Do you like to experiment with different hairstyles? Or keep it simple and stick with the same length most of the time?


  1. I'm so glad you're enjoying your lessons! You're right that it will get easier with time - much easier. Like you were talking about in your last post, it's like playing a role, and the more times you practice and just experience the role, the easier it becomes.

    I haven't changed my hairstyle long term in about 10 years! I've tried a few different styles over the years, including really short - that did NOT look good :P I try to keep it simple because I've got too many other fun things to do than fuss with my hair :) Enjoy your haircut!

  2. Agree with Jessie - Glad to hear you're more comfortable and happy with how your lessons are going!

    Oh man, I feel you on the heel front. I'm totally a flats kinda girl and just one or two days of wearing heels really gets to you - I think you actually need to readjust your muscles! (or at least it feels like you need to!)

    Good luck with the hair cut! You should post pictures ;)

  3. I also don't enjoy fussing with my hair very much...but now I won't be able to anyways because it's super uber short! It's cut so close to my head I feel like I'm almost bald :) I've had it very short before, but that was a few years ago so I'm readjusting at the moment :)

    I think heels do mess up your alignment and change your body, eek. But at the moment they're helping me to feel more teacher-like :) I'll keep wearing them for now and dream of flats and runners in my sleep :)