Thursday, May 13, 2010

Halfway through May?!

Already?! Really?! Alrighty then, I have no problems with frolicking in these gorgeous May sunshine. This morning I actually left the house without a jacket, gasp!

It's been quite a lovely week so far - good lessons, great weather, and now the aroma of freshly baked cookies. On Tuesday I took a group of students to see Iron Man 2 and they seemed to enjoy it, although some felt bad about not understanding much of the dialogue. I keep telling them that it's all about practice - after all, we learn by exposing ourselves to the language as much as possible, but of course it's not very encouraging to watch something and not understand what people are saying.

Tomorrow will be a day full of field trips, hooray! I need to come up with more field trip ideas as well...too bad I don't actually live in Vancouver so I don't know all the good spots. Since the weather's so good tomorrow, I'm taking one of my classes on a picnic. I haven't gone on a picnic in aaages so hopefully it will a pleasantly relaxing and highly enjoyable experience :)

Hmmm, it seems all I ever talk about anymore is school! That's what my life revolves around at the moment, ha ha.

Oh, and the photo was taken in Venice - a magical, unreal, fantastical place! I'd love to go there again someday, it was absolutely gorgeous. A floating city, oh my!


Alrighty, maybe I'll


  1. Ah, Venice! Peter and I went there about three years ago and it was magical indeed. Your picture is so lovely, it brings me back there. Were you in one of the gondolas or were you on a bridge when you took that picture?

    Yay for no-jacket weather! In Connecticut it went straight from early Spring right into Summer! It's been more like T-shirt and shorts weather here :) I'm so impressed that your students were able to watch Iron Man. I can't imagine the dialogue would be easy to understand at all! Your field trips always sound like so much fun. Enjoy your picnic and the glorious weather!

  2. Oooh, it was soooo expensive to ride in the gondolas!! I only walked (a lot!) and admired the gondolas from afar :) Some of them looked very luxurious, but I felt quite satisfied just strolling along and eating tasty gelato :)

    I'm so ready for Summer! It feels wonderful to wear flowy skirts and tank tops and sandals, hooray!

    The dialogue in that movie was very challenging! It was so fast and witty and involved wordplay and some difficult words so I'm afraid they missed most of what was said. I think we absorb language like a sponge though, so hopefully on some level it was still useful for them rather than just being confusing...I hope!