Sunday, May 16, 2010


Ahhh, another glorious weekend! Yesterday I headed to the beach and sat on the grass for hours, just enjoying the view, relaxation, and some good conversation. I also enjoyed a delicious scoop of straciatella gelato - yummy! Just like in Italy :) There was a bit of trouble when I got home though - I looked in the mirror and realized that my face was totally sunburned, except for the area where my sunglasses had been. Not a pretty sight! I hadn't expected the sun to be so strong! So I've been applying various creams and trying to even things out my wrapping the red parts of my face with a scarf and exposing the pasty parts to the sun. I think it helped a bit but the outline of my glasses can still be seen. And I'm still red, sigh.

I took this photo yesterday. It may not look like much, but in real life it was extraordinary - the sun was circled completely by a full on rainbow! I couldn't believe it, it was so magical! So that's the bottom half of the rainbow, as seen from my blanket.

I've been eating delicious spicy broccoli soup the last couple of days. Even when the weather's warm I still like to have a bowl of soup with my dinner :) I've also been eating apples, bananas, and juicy grapes, mmm. I think I need to find some new snacks though, I've been edging towards my jar of peanut butter moreso than usual.

Have you ever gotten a bad sunburn? Did you do anything special to counteract the damage? This is yet another example of prevention being the key :)

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  1. What a gorgeous picture, Lucy! Your picture looks so amazing that I can't even imagine what it must have looked like in person! I'm sure you weren't staring too much at the sun, right? ;)

    Poor you with the sunburn - ouch! Just be careful with your skin and use cool water if it hurts. Have you tried aloe vera That's supposed to help with the burning, I think. One time I was at the beach with my sister when we were young, and I asked her to put sunscreen on my back. She put it on rather haphazardly, as evidenced by the prominent red streaks on my back from the places she missed (finger-shaped, of course). Lesson learned! :P