Monday, June 28, 2010

Jazz is always good

Yup, the Vancouver Jazz Festival kicked off last Thursday and on Saturday I headed over to Gastown for some lovely music, food, and festival-y fun. It's such a great atmosphere, I always enjoy it. This is a picture of (part of) a fantastic Swedish/Nordic band that played a very unique blend of rocky, spacey jazz. They were definitely my favourite, but unfortunately I've just forgotten their name, eek.

What else? The weather is still weird and unsummery, sigh. It's difficult to get beyond this fact. Thankfully, my birthday day was full of sunshine (and wine and cheese on a rooftop!) and there's still hope for July and August.

Carpe diem (rain or shine)!!!

1 comment:

  1. Jazz Fest...nice! Happy belated birthday!!!!
    Hope the weather turns up for you soon :)