Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Yay Summer(ish)!

Well, it's officially Summer - we've even passed the Summer Solstice now, ooh la la! I marked this stupendous occasion by wearing a skirt with sandals rather than tights and boots, hooray!

The school week is flying by as usual. We have a professional development day this Friday (my birthday!) so it will be nice to relax and slip back into the role of a (lazy???) student, aaahhh.

Today I tried some delicious, homemade (not by me but by a lovely Korean lady) Korean food. I started with seaweed soup and then there was rice with oyster mushrooms, cucumber, carrot, sprouts, a little ground meat, egg, seaweed, and SPICY red sauce. Everything was very tasty and I loved the sauce but it was deceptively spicy (it kicks in a few seconds after it's been in your mouth) so I couldn't eat all of it. But yes - utterly delicious, I was very impressed :) I can't wait to try more Korean food.


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