Saturday, September 11, 2010

Happy September Weekend!

Woohoo, another gorgeous sort of summery weekend is here again, ready to be fully enjoyed :-) I had a lovely short week at school. The theme of my afternoon classes was 'Movies' so we all had a good time talking about our favourite films. I'm amazed at how many Hollywood films the students have seen, even though their own countries produce wonderful movies themselves. I guess there's no escape from American culture. But there's nothing wrong with having a strong affinity for Johnny Depp ;-)

I also found it interesting that horror movies seem to be extremely popular in Korea and Japan, especially amongst women. And everyone seems to love action movies.

Yesterday we had a potluck in my morning class - everyone brought a dish from their country, yum! I had some delicious Korean japchae and I would definitely recommend this dish. It's great party food and lots of fun to share :)

Today I'm hosting a mini potluck at my house so I'll be tasting more new dishes and (hopefully) serving up something Russian. I still haven't decided what to cook, agh! Let the countdown begin!

This photo is from Whistler, yay! This was the view after taking the gondola up to the top of the mountain - it was breathtaking!

Well, the sun is calling me! It was supposed to rain all weekend but right now the sky is blue, the sunshine is brilliant, and I'm ready to play some tennis!

Have a splendid weekend!

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