Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Agh, wow, it's November next week, when did that happen? Not that I'm complaining - I can't wait for the holiday season :-)

Yesterday we celebrated Halloween at school and it was oodles of fun. Most of the students don't have this holiday in their countries so they were taking photos of each other's costumes all day with great enthusiasm. Of course I forgot my camera, eek!

But there was a reason for that! I found out that my EPIK application had never been received after I'd e-mailed it so I spent Thursday evening preparing all my documents and handed them in to the Korean Consulate right after school on Friday. STRESS!!! I hope everything goes more smoothly now. I should have known by now - it's always better to do things in person.

This is a photo from a traditional Korean restaurant in downtown Daegu. It was sooooooo good. The mandu in the middle tasted pretty much the same as Russian dumplings, I was so surprised. Mmmm, delicious :-) And because there were five of us we got plenty of side dishes :-)

Okay, time to get the weekend started! Have a spectacular day!


  1. How annoying!! It's amazing how much stuff gets lost (or "lost"), causing stress and aggravation. I'll cross my fingers that all your documents are received by the right people and that this process is expedited! Do you know the timeframe for when they're supposed to get back to you?

    I love seeing pictures of the Korea food! Those dumplings look wonderful, and I'm guessing a lot of the little bowls are dipping sauces?

    Happy Halloween, Lucy! :)

  2. That sucks :( But hopefully it'll all get sorted now.
    Check your email, I just sent you a motherlode of music!

  3. Doing things in person is definitely the best way! Now that I've made human contact everything is going much more smoothly and efficiently :-) Thank you for your support Jessie!! Oh, and the little white bowls come with every meal in Korea - they're different side dishes and there are so many different kinds, including kimchi (my favourite), seaweed, beef, mushrooms, etc, etc, etc. The more main dishes you order, the more side dishes you get :-) And they even have side dishes at breakfast. Some of my Korean students get up super early in the morning so that they can prepare everything properly.

    Have a great weekend!!