Saturday, October 9, 2010

Thanksgiving Weekend!

Mmmmm - this is a delicious GIANT waffle I had in ended up being dinner for two :-) There were even a couple of tomatoes somewhere in there so overall it was pretty balanced, no?

Today I started off the long weekend with a trip downtown. It was fun to walk around, go to the beach, eat some Korean food for lunch (hooray for downtown Vancouver's Korean gems), drink a hot beverage in the rain...nice. Relaxing :-) I also picked up some kimchi ha ha. I'm totally addicted :-)

I'm still working on the EPIK application and it's causing me STRESS. It's sooo long and complicated and on top of it all they keep stressing how everything should be submitted ASAP because hiring is done on a first come, first served basis. I don't like these kind of rushed, competitive affairs. Oh well, I'm very motivated to do this so I will most definitely do my best and keep on hoping :-)

My lunch consisted of a seafood pancake (Korean pancakes are delicious!!) that was like a light, fluffy pizza and I also had a pork and veggie dumpling (mandu), yum yum. Good fuel for a day of walking in chilly weather :-)

Okay, time to feed before returning to my application. Have a fantastic day!!

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