Monday, October 11, 2010

Korea's Awesome Cafes

One thing I really loved about Korea was that it had so many cozy and unique cafes, coffee shops, and restaurants. It was so great to get away from endless chains and see and experience something way more unique and special. My friend took me to Succa Cafe, where you get your own little room (with a cute curtain for a door) in which you can chat, watch TV/movies, look at magazines, play video games, and eat as many snacks and drink as much as you want within the time you pay for. We paid $6 per person for 3 hours and ate ice cream, pop corn, and chips and drank herbal tea (so really it was totally balanced and healthy ;-)). I noticed they also had limitless alcohol that you could drink but we stuck to the tea, thank you very much :-)

I'd never been to a place like that before so it was really fun and interesting. It was perfect for catching up and having a nice long chat. I think some guys would maybe refuse to come here (pink! so cute!), but in Korea it was normal for couples to go there - so sweet! Did I mention they also enjoy wearing matching outfits and feeding each other? It's delightful :-) You can buy couple T-shirts, hoodies, shoes, socks, etc. and it's totally common to see couples wearing these matching things. So cute! And uniquely Korean :-)

Right now I'm drinking Korean ginseng tea (something else Korea is very famous for) - an energizing way to start the day! I might head downtown for a bit of shopping. Yesterday I bought two awesome pairs of boots but I still need some winter appropriate clothing to go with them. And I have to get ready for work - it's back to class tomorrow! And I'll be teaching the elementary level for the first time, eeeek! It's good to be able to teach all the different levels though.

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

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