Wednesday, May 20, 2009

No such thing as a guilty pleasure :)

If it makes you happy, just go for it :)

Tonight I'm reporting to say that not only will I be watching a good two hours of television, but out of all available shows my choice will be none other than American Idol (gasp! the horror!). My name is Lucy and I am a proud Glambert - as soon as I accidentally stumbled upon one of ever glamourous Adam Lambert's performances, I could not tear my eyes and ears away. 

Adam has transcended the show's boxy constraints and blandness, bringing passion, charisma, thrilling theatricality, and extraordinary singing abilities into the game. His performances have been more like stunning mini-concerts, and it is wonderfully refreshing to see someone fearlessly expressing themselves for all to see, without trying to fit into a safe, restrained mold. 

I think that's partly why Adam has become so popular and celebrated even by non-Idol fans - not only does he let his beautiful voice loose, but he also captures people's imaginations by being so free and earnest and creative. He puts on a show, but the theatricality and visual perks are always grounded in sincerity and a kind of innocence. I always love it when people embrace their inner natures and bring them into the world to flourish. Being yourself is the most inspiring and glorious thing that you can ever do. 

Whether he wins or not, I cannot wait to see more of Adam singing his soul out and sharing his passion with the world :) 

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