Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sinking into the moment

Now that the sunshine and summery warmth are here, time seems to be flying by extra quickly. At the same time though, sunny days are my favourite for slowing down, relaxing, reading a good book outside, and just lounging about, reconnecting to the world and to yourself. 

It's as though the light is meant to wake us up, motivate, and inspire us to rekindle our passions and joys in life so that we can pursue them fully, even if the winter was extra long and dark, taking us farther from our dreams. 

Spending time outside, with the sunlight glowing all around you, birds singing, a gentle breeze lapping around..."clutter" type thoughts cannot help but melt away, leaving room for deep tranquility and contentment. It makes you realize how perfect everything already is - there is no struggle, just the resistance we create for ourselves. Life in the world unfolds, seemingly without great effort, in every moment. Flowers bloom without worrying about the future or past. They bask in the glory of Now, and the birds sing along. All this life around us is like a gorgeous symphony, and we have the choice to join in and feel the bliss of life as it is right now, or to escape the magic of this moment and retreat to the familiarity of struggle and resistance. On beautiful days like this though, it is nearly impossible not to sink fully into the loveliness of the moment, and bask in the light like a singing bird :)

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