Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Return

Wow, June is almost here! What a beautiful Spring we're having - when the world is bathed in sunshine like this it's almost like being in Fairy-land :) 

I got to experience the more practical rather than theoretical side of stress due to an end of year oral exam at school, but of course all turned out well and good. It reminded me again of how stress is all about perception - we build things up in our minds and worry, but when the time comes for action, we always turn out just fine...maybe even a little bit stronger and more capable because of the experience. Here are some of the things me and my classmates tried to get through the exams calmly and smartly :)

- Aromatherapy: sniffing on fresh rosemary and lavender, or using the essential oils

- Bach Rescue Remedy: the drops can be taken internally, it is great for stress and works very well for animals (pets) also

- Meditation: as much as possible leading up to the event, and especially the evening before and/or the morning of - this is great for getting grounded, centered, focused, energized, and relaxed

- Deep Breathing: this is the easiest and the most important one - breathing deeply activates the parasympathetic nervous system, thereby stopping and reversing the stress (fight/flight) response of the sympathetic nervous system. Basically, it makes you feel cool, calm, capable and ready to face anything!

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