Thursday, March 25, 2010

Drizzly Thursday

Well, it's a grey drizzly day today so I'm summoning some California sunshine...through this photo :) I actually live very close to the ocean here in Canada, but it's a protected patch so it feels more like a peaceful lake - no giant waves or ocean views that appear absolutely infinite. Even my quiet little patch is extraordinary though, I could go there every single day and still look forward to it every single time :) So peaceful, therapeutic, energizing, stimulating, and many other wondrous things :)

Today I taught my last one hour lesson, it went quite well. I'm going to miss those students, they're so incredibly lovely and funny and sweet and sincere :) I might have some exciting news on the topic of teaching, but I won't say anything just yet.

My brain feels all melt-y again. I think it needs to rest and recover after lots of mental exercise :) That, and I think I put way too much pressure on myself. Of course we can't be perfect at everything all of the time, and worrying about things doesn't improve one's performance :) I'm trying to just relax and enjoy things in the moment, but that kind of going with the flow and not obsessing over every little detail skill seems to be escaping me :) Maybe these kind of character traits are just part of our constitution and can't really be changed. I'm not sure...because my brain is melting :)

I've definitely been trying to support myself nutritionally. Besides eating possibly rancid granola bars, I've been eating salmon, walnuts, spinach, brown rice, various seeds, various fruits and veggies, oats, nut butter, etc. in good amounts. Of course it's tasty items like salmon and walnuts and flax seeds that give me boosts of brain-friendly Omega 3 EFA's - yum! I have a relatively large head too (finding hats that fit is hard) so I make sure I get good amounts of these things :) The brain also requires glucose for fuel so I eat plenty of whole grains everyday. Really, it all goes back to a healthy, balanced, whole foods diet and I'm always happy with that.

Do you have any foods that you use to boost brain health and enhance magical brain powers?


  1. Yay, omega 3s! And, I want to hear what your exciting teaching-related news is! :D

    Your poor melting brain - I do feel like that after a long day at school and work. I understand what you mean by putting too much pressure on ourselves. I've tried to change and be more relaxed, but it's hard! I think I've gotten better, but I think I'd have to agree with your idea that these are just character traits that are part of our constitution.

    I love the California coast! Peter and I drove up from Carmel to Seattle last summer. Loooong trip :) Did you used to live in California?

  2. Hey lady! Wow, done with this group already! Looking forward to hearing your news :)

    Where in Van do you live? My number one goal for finding a place when I move back is to be near the ocean...

    Hmmm. I haven't found any correlations between the foods I eat and the way I think/brain function. That said, I do know when I'm eating better, I'm feeling better, and all-around functioning better. I know when I went on the elimination diet my brain "fog" completely disappeared.

    For some reason, green tea also seems to centre me.

    Hope the rest of your week went well!


  3. Wow, what a lovely scenic drive! You go on so many great trips :) I've never had the pleasure of living in California, but I did stay there for about six weeks and enjoyed it immensely :) I'm sure I'll be back in the future.

    Right now I'm actually living in White Rock and taking the bus + Canada Line to Vancouver Monday to Friday. It takes about an hour.

    I think green tea contains L-theanine, which is supposed to aid concentration. Hooray for green tea, it seems to have a lot of great benefits.

    Enjoy your weekend!!