Thursday, March 4, 2010

More ESL Fun!

This week is going by sooo quickly! Today was my fourth day in class, and it included my second attempt at teaching a proper lesson. I was a bit more nervous before this one as it included some tricky-ish vocabulary and, really, I didn't know what to expect! The lovely students we're teaching are full of surprises, and at this point it's hard to predict what they already know and what they have not learned yet. Thankfully, the lesson went very well and I think everybody had a fun time, including me :) It's so great to work together as a group and experience something collectively even though everyone's native language is different.

In other news, the sun has been peeking out lately and the view of the mountains has been absolutely gorgeous - so crisp and grand :) I've been spending pretty much all of my time indoors, but I am loving the view :)

This photo is of a ship that I saw when visiting San Diego Bay. It's part of the Marine Museum or something like that. I love old ships like this one, they're so romantic and Old-World-y :)

And now it's time for dinner - tonight it's rice and beans with onion, red bell peppers, and some tomato & portobello mushroom sauce...after soup of course - I am head over heels in love with soup :)



  1. You must learn a ton about the interpersonal behaviour doing ESL. Very cool.

    My mom called me from home today, describing the blossoming flowers on the plum trees and the warm spring in an attempt to try and lure me was kind of working! It's still cold in Ottawa, although the sun has been out lately. I'm truly jealous of the mountain view, however :)

  2. I'm so impressed with your courage in teaching ESL. I'm sure it's not easy - I know that I would feel SO nervous!

    It sounds like you have a wonderful view. There's nothing like beautiful, crisp mountains. In fact, Peter and I are flying out to Utah tomorrow, where we'll get to see some crisp mountains up close. Enjoy the sun! :)

  3. All of the interaction and working together is definitely my favourite part, it's just lovely :)

    You would love it here right now! It's absolutely stunning (flowers! so much green!) and so warm :) There's a huge patio right outside of my classroom with the best view of the mountains, I love to go there on my breaks.

    I've only been to Ottawa once...I think I saw the parliament buildings and went to a museum for an art exhibition. Canada is so huge, it always amazes me how different life is depending on which little pocket of it you happen to be inhabiting :)

  4. Oh wow, I want to go where you are :) I'm glad you're having a good time. I've only ever been to Toronto because I have relative there, but there are so many wonderful places in Canada that I'd like to go to (like Prince Edward Island - gorgeous!).

    Have a wonderful day!

  5. There are definitely some amazing spots in Canada! The West Coast is probably the best part :) Montreal is a really interesting, historic, cultural city that has a bit of a European feel (it's in the province of Quebec). I'd also love to visit P.E.I...largely because of Anne of Green Gables :) It's supposed to be very beautiful indeed :)

    Enjoy skiing in Utah! It sounds like a lovely trip!