Friday, March 19, 2010

Last Day of Winter!

Hooray, today is the final day of Winter and tomorrow we get to experience the official beginning of Spring :) At least that's what my bus driver announced this morning :)

Today was a looong day of classes. It was so gorgeous outside, and it's Friday, and inside it was stuffy. I still enjoyed everything we got to talk about and all the great learning, but I feel like I've reached my limit for the week - a little break is needed at this point :) Thank goodness for the weekend! Do you ever feel that you just cannot take in any more information, no matter how fascinating it is? Those mental batteries need to be recharged :)

Oh, this picture is another one from Paris. Just a random gorgeous curvy old building - one of oh so many.

Tonight I'm going out for dinner to a restaurant on the beach. It's called Pearl and I don't remember going there in the past but I've heard good things. It looks a bit contemporary (I tend to prefer traditional coziness) but of course I will try it out :)

Some of my classmates are from Korea/Japan and others have visited these countries and really love them. We're all planning on going for some Japanese food next week to celebrate the (almost) end of the program, but I have only eaten this kind of cuisine a couple of times in my entire life! I feel like I should do some research or something so that I know what I'm eating :) Vancouver is bursting with all sorts of Asian cuisine and yet I am so very ignorant :) Are there any types of cuisine that you haven't tried before and wish to get a taste of? It's amazing how basic ingredients can be used so differently all around the world!

Happy almost Spring!


  1. haha, I've had that feeling almost the entire duration of my MA! Lately I can actually hear "aaahhh!" resounding in my brain. :)

    I've never heard of Pearl! The menu looks good though.

    Mmm...Japanese food - one of my faves! Obviously your classmates will have good recommendations for you, but I personally love spicy tuna rolls, rainbow roll, donburi, and good ol' sashimi.

    I really want to try Moroccan food. I think Sanafir in Van is Moroccan (I think?). Something worth checking out.

    All your posts about Vancouver-y stuff are getting me excited about moving home. August!

  2. Oh, I definitely know what you mean about just NOT being able to absorb any more! You're hearing stuff, and it may even be interesting, but in one ear...

    It seems like you've really traveled! Where have you been in the world? I'm hoping to go to China for part of this summer, to visit my aunt and study for a little while.

    Although we have a Malasysian friend/cook, I've never actually tied Malaysian food. I'd love to at some point, though. I hope you had fun at dinner!

  3. Hooray for Vancouver! It's sooo beautiful here right now - sunny, clear blue skies, a Spring-y freshness to the air :) I would love to try Moroccan food, it must be so flavourful!

    China would be an exciting place to visit! I haven't been anywhere in Asia, but I have been to Russia (my birthplace), England, Canada (where I live), U.S., New Zealand, Spain, France, and Italy. I can't wait to travel more! I've never tried Malaysian food either, let me know how it tastes :) I'm sure it's delicious :)