Sunday, March 7, 2010

Is The Weekend Almost Finished?!

My goodness, this week is really flying by! Like a bird, like a plane, like...Superman himself :) Mostly because of school of course, and lesson planning and assignments and all these things I've never heard of before :) But also because it's almost, sort of Springtime and there's lots to do :) I love this time of year, including all of the chocolate eggs, lots of pastel colours, and bunnies galore! The cherry blossoms are blossoming super early (as in now!) which makes it feel as though Summer's around the corner (it's not). I wish I had a picture of the gorgeous purple cherry blossoms, but I don't :)

This weekend I managed to squeeze in some fun as well. I played tennis bright and early in the morning on both days (hooray! fresh air is priceless!) and yesterday some friends showed me a wonderful new bakery that I had never visited before. It's called A Bread Affair and it's sensational. I'm sort of obsessed with bakeries and have been a bread lover since I was...born :) There was a time when I went gluten-free and did not eat bread, but thankfully those dark days are over. I do make sure to only eat high quality, wholesome (as in whole grain and preferably seedy), freshly made, usually organic bread though. Only the best indeed :) It does make a difference though, and this way it serves a purpose besides providing a home for my sandwich fillings :) All those B-vitamins, all that magnesium, manganese, and fibre is definitely cause for celebration :)

Yesterday I made red bell pepper soup, which also contained onion, celery, carrots, and seasoning. I was just given some gorgeous broccoli so today I will make that into another yummy soup - that way I'll be able to eat lots of veggies next week and very easily too, school and all!

Do you have any special ways of fitting veggies into your diet even when there's little time to chop and cook?



  1. Hey girl! Sounds like a great weekend!

    Oh bread...dear bread! Sadly I won't be partaking in bread anytime soon (or in chocolate eggs!) so enjoy'em for me! (yep, I am on the no-sugar, no-gluten, no-dairy candida cleanse diet!)

    I like to throw greens into my smoothies, and into soups (even pre-packaged ones while I heat them on the stove) just to get a little more green and colour into my life :)

  2. Yay, I love Springtime! Time seems to fly for me, too, whenever things get busy. I'm glad you are enjoying your busy time :)

    Whole grain is definitely the way to go - not even just because of all the health benefits, but also because it tastes great! Did you puree the bell pepper? The way I fit a lot of veggies into my diet is to eat most of my meals on a bed of lettuce and whatever other veggies we have. Lasagna? Throw it on a salad :)

  3. The candida busting diet is tough indeed...but so many great, tasty, healthy foods CAN still be enjoyed that it's certainly doable, especially since you love these wholesome foods already :) Maybe you'll even discover some new favourites :)

    It sounds like you can't have plain yogurt or berries either? Some people still allow these since they're very low in sugar, and berries are high in fibre while yogurt is fermented and contains probiotics.

    Wishing you all the best, I hope you feel great on the diet!

  4. Ooh yes, I blended the bell pepper soup so it went down smooth :)I puree pretty much all of the soups I make, I love the texture (and not having to chew ha ha).

    That's a great tip with the bed of lettuce - and it's kind of gourmet too :)