Sunday, March 14, 2010

Midway through March

Alrighty, let's continue with the whole European theme. This is a picture of the cathedral Sacre Coeur in lovely old famous Montmartre. I climbed all the steps to the top, and when I turned around the view was absolutely incredible. That day was quite misty, so the view of the city was, for want of a better word, almost fluid. Kind of glimmering and melting rather than solid and clear.

The weekend's pretty much over, yikes! I've been doing lots of homework and lesson planning, but I did fit in a film at the Social Justice Film Festival (I'll try to write about it later, it was very thought-provoking and interesting), made a giant pot of red pepper soup (with lots of other veggies thrown in as well), and caught up with a friend I hadn't seen in ages. We had lunch at a brand new Whole Foods that recently opened in Vancouver. I can't really afford to do much food shopping there - Vancouver is expensive as it is, and Whole Foods especially targets a particular segment of the population rather than a diverse crowd (unlike the Whole Foods I went to in California - it was always bustling, all sorts of people of all ages and professions shopped there, and it was affordable). But it's still fun to visit and enjoy the brand new sparkliness of the store - it's huge, has tons of seating space, and has a pleasant atmosphere :) And of course lunch is always tasty at WF :)

In other news, on Friday I switched over to the Intermediate class. That day we just did some fun icebreakers to get to know each other and I already love my new students. Tomorrow I'm teaching a 40 minute lesson (yikes!) and I'm hoping that the material will be challenging enough for them. Oh, on Friday I tried a pretty tasty feta veggie flax roll, I've had other flavours before - these babies can be found in coffee shops all over Vancouver - and they've all been pretty decent though nothing worth calling home about :)

Do you have a favourite snack that you treat yourself to when hunger strikes unexpectedly?



  1. Sounds like a really great weekend! With "Spring Forward", it really flew by, didn't it? I definitely want to hear more about the film you saw - I love that kind of stuff.

    Good luck with your teaching lesson tomorrow!!

  2. I'm glad you had a fun weekend! I know what you mean about the Whole Foods - the closest one to us is rather high-end, but that has more to do with the neighborhood than anything else. Of course, WF lunch is always a nice treat :)

    I'm glad you're enjoying the intermediates - good luck with your lesson, I know it'll be great!

    I like to treat myself to chocolate, as dark as I can get it :)

  3. It was a great film that presented a lot of moral dilemmas relating to our current 'modern' time. It made me want to never buy anything again :)

    Mmm, chocolate! I love dark chocolate too...I don't think I've tried anything darker than around 70% That seems just right :)