Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Teacher Training Continues...

What's in this picture? Why, it's Juliet's balcony of course :) This was taken a few months ago when I was visiting Verona - such a beautiful, sparkling, historic city! I quite enjoyed it. Huge crowds of people flocked to this balcony, it was quite funny...I mean romantic :) It wasn't actually Juliet's balcony, but we're all so romantic and enthralled by the story we can't help but be swept away anyway :)

So I'm just relaxing after a big day of classes (and teaching a grammar lesson, woohoo!), listening to Devendra Banhart and looking forward to a warm, nourishing dinner :)

Quick school update: On Friday the group of trainees I'm with is switching to teaching a different class. We're going from Elementary to Intermediate level, so our lessons will be more challenging. I already miss the lovely students I've gotten to know these past couple of weeks - they're so sweet and friendly! One day they brought us cookies and candy :)

Oh, I've been eating more bars than usual since I'm in school all day. I love having a Lara Bar (apple and pecan are the flavours I usually go for) and that's what I usually have. Yesterday I tried a Nature's Path granola bar...I think it was something like flax and pumpkin...and it was sooo sweet! I've not a fan of overly sweet things. It made me want to somehow make my own (less overpoweringly sugary) granola bar, but I've never tried cooking one up before :) That's an idea to experiment with later...

This weekend I'm hoping to go the White Rock Social Justice Film Festival. Looks like there are some very interesting films to see!



  1. *Sigh* That is such a romantic balcony.

    It must be so sad to leave students that are so sweet and that have gotten attached to you - especially elementary school students! I'm gad you're having a good time with teaching, and I can't wait to hear about Intermediate level.

    Apple pie Larabar is one of my favorites, as is PB and Tropical Tart (a little too tart at times :) ). I'm not a fan of overly sweet things, either. I'd love to see your granola bar experiment :)

  2. It is sad, but I'm sure the new students will also be lovely and fun to get to know :) Hopefully :)

    I haven't tried the PB flavour...or the Tropical Tart I don't think...I like the cherry one but I recently noticed they add sunflower oil or some other oil to it which I'm not crazy about. I like the dried fruit + nuts and nothing else added concept :)

    And yes, that's one romantic balcony :) Verona in general is very romantic and a lovely place to visit. Oh Italy... :)

  3. Oooh, you should totally make your own granola bars! By the sounds of what you've been making lately, you'd whip up something delish and healthy.

    Good luck with the new group this week :)

  4. I'd love to try - experimenting in the kitchen is always fun :) And I do love granola :)

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!