Friday, June 28, 2013

Daughter - Get Lucky

I think this just might be the song of the summer, or at least one of them, and I like this cover even more than the Daft Punk original. I still listen to the radio (when I happen to be in a car) and it's pretty much the only song I haven't gotten tired of out of the ones that get played over and over again (it's a never ending radio loop!). Listening to the radio also makes me nostalgic for the 90s. 

The first heatwave of the summer has arrived! I ate almost half a tub of Dreyer's triple chocolate peanut butter ice cream and I'm pretty sure it was worth every bite. Maybe. Probably. I think. 

Things that are good to do during a heatwave:

1. Go swimming (especially awesome if you know how to swim...I am not a highly skilled swimmer so I just splash around and then search for the nearest parasol)

2. Get a parasol and enjoy using it. There is nothing better than instant shade. I don't understand why parasols aren't hugely popular in California. I guess it has to do with the popularity of tanning.

3. Drink even more water than usual. Hydration should never be taken for granted. Sweet drinks just make me more thirsty so bring on the water, preferably with cute little ice cubes :-)

4. Yoga. Warm muscles are extra stretchy so you'll instantly become extra flexible ;-)

5. Drink more water after doing yoga.

6. Go to the nearest supermarket and spend some time in the frozen section. Try not to buy a tub of ice cream and then proceed to eat half of it. Unless you really really want to. 

7. Try not to move too much because that produces more body heat.

8. Enjoy :-)

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  1. It sounds like you've been staying cool - for the most part! You guys have been getting a crazy heat wave. I keep hearing on the news about all this record temps in your area. I think it's time to load up on cute ice cubes! :) Your yoga comment make me laugh - it's kind of like Bikram yoga all the time, which sounds pretty awful, actually!

    I wish using parasols or umbrellas to block sun was more popular, like it is in China. I think you're spot on with the desire to tan.

    Have a great week, Lucy! :)